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 Resilience Through Massage 



Swedish Massage



Beth Hartmann

Beth Hartmann is a certified massage therapist and cupping practitioner. After a career as an ESL teacher, many years as a Physical Therapist Assistant, dancer, and yoga teacher, she has developed a unique understanding and deep appreciation of the human body, which she brings to her massage practice.


Beth has lived in Vermont for over twenty-five years and raised her family here. Beth has spent much of her life helping people improve their lives and she started Imagine Wellness to help others live healthier pain-free lives through personalized massage.

Beth is a body-whisperer. She moves so intentionally with her hands that energy moves, knots release, and tension subsides. Her care and connection are exceptionally warm and thoughtful, assessing for your personal needs and where the focus of the work needs to be. The time and attention that Beth dedicates to massage is unique.  It’s a full-body experience. At a time when human connection and touch is challenged, a massage with Beth is an antidote.  I highly recommend Beth.


Staff Psychologist & Clinical Educator

University of Vermont


Before meeting Beth Hartmann, I had massages, or so I thought. 

Nothing I received before was even in the same class as Beth.  Beth listens intently to her clients prior to beginning massage to learn what areas might require extra attention but she also listens to the body during massage.  She is so in tune that I don't even have to tell her exactly where it hurts - she can feel it.  She always seems to know the right amount of pressure to apply and the massage is always the right length.  It never feels rushed.  After having a massage by Beth, I would never go anywhere else.


Owner & Consultant

Genesis Consulting Corporation

Beth is warm, professional, and attentive.  I’ve never had a massage therapist listen to me more intently, and the customization of the massages I receive reflect her expertise in a range of techniques, as well as her understanding of my particular physical needs. Our sessions also impact my ongoing wellness because Beth helps me recognize patterns in my muscle pain and posture that are potentially causing injuries, aches and knots.



Development Guild DDI


802.777.5601    |

Wellness Center at Shelburne Athletic Club, 166 Athletic Drive, Shelburne, VT 05482

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