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How Stress Impacts Our Health

We all face stress in our lives for a variety of reasons. Ignoring stress can cause a plethora of physical and psychological issues such as:

  • Elevated blood pressure

  • Elevated cortisol levels (stress hormones)

  • Burnout, irritability, and fatigue

  • Depression

  • A decreased sense of well-being

  • Interpersonal and professional relationship issues

  • Disrupted memory and concentration abilities

  • Increased risk for heart disease and stroke

Stressed Woman

How Massage Can Help

Take a deep breath, inhale fully, and slowly exhale as you let the weight of your body drop down into the warmth and comfort of the heated massage table. Simple relaxation when practiced over time has been shown to impact the negative physiological effects of stress.


Massage can increase blood and oxygen flow to an area that has been injured, is stiff or is dehydrated. Massage can loosen tight muscle fibers and soft tissue that have shortened from repetitive action or static positioning, and massage can increase the movement of joints that have become stiff from over or under use. Massage can increase endorphin levels, which can enhance your overall feeling of well-being. Clients have said that massage has improved their ability to take in deeper, fuller breaths, that they are sleeping better, and that they are moving with more ease and less pain.


Benefits of Therapeutic Massage

Why Massage?

Massage is the ancient art of therapeutic touch. People have been using intentional healing touch over time to address stress and stress related conditions, headaches, neck and back pain, post injury and surgical rehabilitation, depression, fatigue, circulation, adhesions, muscle and joint pain, stiffness, limited and painful movement in bodies where movement has become restricted due to misuse, overuse, postural issues, trauma, and to promote relaxation. In our fast paced and stressful world relaxation isn't just something you do for a week on a vacation. Relaxation needs to be an integral part of a  preventative and restorative wellness program. Similar to regular exercise, rest, and nutrition, massage is an important part of taking care of yourself and your loved ones. 


Each massage is as unique as the individual receiving it. Experience the therapeutic techniques that are right for you in the moment and for your overall well-being. Most therapeutic techniques work best as a customized blend specifically for you.

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