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About Imagine Wellness

Beth Hartmann
pronouns: she/her

Beth started Imagine Wellness in 2019 because she recognized the importance of customized massage to meet clients individual needs. Beth’s thirty years of experience as an educator, Physical Therapist Assistant, dancer, and yoga teacher contribute to and influence her massage practice. 


As an educator working with refugees she developed the ability to create safe, positive learning environments and trusting relationships, which were critical factors in her student’s success in their new culture.

As a dancer and yoga teacher her curiosity and awe of human anatomy grew as she developed her eye for postural alignment and efficiency of movement. From the injuries she sustained while dancing she learned first-hand about pain, patience, and how powerful we are in the process of our own healing.

Beth’s mission is to support clients in listening to their bodies and to empower them to maintain an increased level of well-being.

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We all know what stress looks like and how it feels: fatigue, irritability, shallow breathing, muscular tension, and headaches to name a few. Stress depletes our energy physically, mentally, and emotionally. Stress zaps our ability to bounce back.


Massage is one way to build the resilience we need to bounce back. Massage enhances circulation, makes space for increased freedom of movement, and it calms the nervous system to help the body come into balance and reset. Therapeutic massage is an important component of health maintenance and can be either preventative or prescriptive.


We alone are responsible for our state of well-being and our ability to bounce back after a stressful event or injury. Massage therapy, just like nutrition, exercise, and healthy relationships can be a foundation to build and maintain resiliency and wellness in ourselves.


“Self-care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what's left of you.”

~ Katie Reed

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