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Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage?

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a light touch manual therapy that uses the slow even rhythm and direction of strokes to support the functions of the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is the body’s natural filtering system that works parallel with the venous part of the circulatory system. When the lymphatic and circulatory system are working well together fluid retention in the body is minimized, cellular cleansing is maximized, and the immune system gets a boost.


Benefits of MLD

Manual Lymphatic Drainage has been used widely in Europe and is starting to have more of a presence in the U.S. as people are experiencing the benefits of MLD.


It is being used as a treatment for many pathologies including:

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  • Migraine Headaches

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • Cellulite

MLD is also used for post traumatic edema (e.g., sports injuries) and pre and post-surgical care because it reduces pain, swelling, and the formation of fibrotic tissue, which help the body return to more normal functioning sooner by moving the extra fluid through body. When surgery or an injury disrupt normal vascular flow MLD assists the body in finding alternative pathways for the fluid to travel and be released.

In addition to MLD’s analgesic effect it is deeply relaxing and clients report that the relaxation stays with them for days after a session.

If you are not sure if MLD is right for you, Beth is happy to have a conversation to sort through your questions and concerns. Contact Imagine Wellness for more information or to schedule a session.

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