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Each massage is as unique as the recipient. Experience the techniques that are right for you in the moment and for your general well-being. Most therapeutic techniques work best as a customized blend specific to your needs. Sessions are tailored to a client's needs on that day as well as their long-term goals. Using a variety of these therapeutic techniques within each session clients are charged by time rather than service, with the exception of CBD massage, so there is freedom to match techniques to a client’s needs. The services listed here are simply to help you understand the various techniques available. Please click the options below for more information. Imagine Wellness is not currently taking online appointments due to the pandemic. If you are interested in making an appointment please visit the contact page to fill out an intake form and get in contact with Beth.

General Massage

70 min

80 min

90 min




Chair Massage

15 min


Target Massage

45 min

60 min



CBD Massage

add CBD oils to any massage


  • Long gliding strokes and kneading massage, generally full body.
  • Uses heated polished stones to improve circulation and relaxation.
  • Hand and food massage used to target other systems within the body.
  • Shorter massage to target a specific issue or area.
  • Application of silicon cups improves circulation and enables healing.
  • Slow, intentional strokes enable deep release.
  • Performed in a specialized chair, client remains clothed.
  • Addition of essential oil therapy to massage.
  • CBD oils can be added to any massage for $15.


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