Each massage is as unique as the recipient. Experience the techniques that are right for you in the moment and for your general well-being. Most therapeutic techniques work best as a customized blend specific to your needs. Sessions are tailored to a client's needs on that day as well as their long-term goals. Using a variety of these therapeutic techniques within each session clients are charged by time rather than service, with the exception of CBD massage, so there is freedom to match techniques to a client’s needs. The services listed here are simply to help you understand the various techniques available. Please click the options below for more information. Imagine Wellness is not currently taking online appointments due to the pandemic. If you are interested in making an appointment please visit the contact page to fill out an intake form and get in contact with Beth.

General Massage

70 min

80 min

90 min




Chair Massage

15 min


Target Massage

45 min

60 min



CBD Massage

add CBD oils to any massage



Swedish Massage

Swedish massage uses long gliding strokes, kneading of soft tissue, friction, vibration and percussion techniques to enhance circulation and ease muscular tension. Generally full body but customizable. Relax and be at ease.


CBD Massage

CBD oils can be added to any massage for $15. You have your choice between three of Nature’s Sentry special CBD blends. These CBD massage oils are from Vermont’s organically grown hemp. Nature’s Sentry offers organic full spectrum CBD in three formulas – chronic pain, de-stress, and pain plus. They contain 25mg of CBD with a THC component of less than 0.3%.


Modern Cupping Therapy

Modern cupping uses a vacuum effect and silicon cups to create negative pressure (decompression) that lifts and separates adhered tissues and moves waste that is potentially blocking the body's healing. The negative pressure creates local vasodilatation, which draws a fresh supply of fluids and nutrients to areas that have been injured, dehydrated, malnourished and deficient in fresh blood supply. Cupping when used in combination with massage replenishes what the body needs to heal, creates space for healing and is a relaxing experience.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is a technique that uses polished basalt stones that are heated and used as an extension of the therapist’s hands. The warmth of the stones improves circulation, calms the nervous system and allows for deeper work as the layers of soft tissue relax.


Chair Massage

Massage performed in a portable specialized chair where the client is sitting upright and clothed. It targets the neck, shoulders, upper back, arms, and hands, and is often used for onsite workplace massage. Can be used in place of table if more accessible or comfortable for client. If interested in chair massage for your workplace see separate Corporate Chair Massage page.

Oil Massage

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy uses aromatic essential oils medicinally in combination with massage to improve both physical and mental health. The essential oils can be diffused and absorbed through inhalation during the massage or they can be added to a carrier oil and used for the massage so that they are absorbed through the skin. There are many essential oils for you to choose from and you always have the option to not use any.

Hand Massage

Reflexology Massage

Reflexology is massage technique that is applied to the hands and feet that is used to promote well-being. It is based in traditional Chinese medicine energy flow and how different points in the hands and feet correspond to other specific organs and body systems.

Pressure Point Massage

Deep Tissue Massage


A series of slow specific intentional strokes with varying amounts of pressure. The therapist uses fingers, thumbs, fists, elbows and forearms to target specific areas of tension in muscles and soft tissue layer by layer. Experience the release of long-standing holding patterns from the slow, specific strokes of deep tissue massage.

Swedish Massage

Target Massage

Don't have the need or the time for a full body massage, but have that nagging pain that needs attention? Schedule a 45 to 60-minute target massage that is tailored for your specific issue. Whether you have a tension headache, a stiff neck, or need your calves worked on you can still get the attention you need. Ideal for overworked computer users, weekend warriors, athletes and dancers.